Dave Giberson (Corporate Accounts)

    I work for a major communications company and for the most part work primarily out of my home office. I do however have a significant network at home managed by Central Point Networks. CPN has been instrumental making this possible. Having to comply with corporate IT specifications and still having the ability to manage my personal/corporate network has been no small task. CPN has been there 24-7 for me and the corporation I work for. Whether it’s adding a printer, repairing a software glitch, reloading software or just answering a question, CPN has always come through without touching my network. Not once have I had to tote a PC into CPN. If it weren’t for CPN I would be forced to drive 50 miles each day to and from my corporate facility costing me 2 additional hours. CPN plays no small part in my ability to perform at levels that far surpass my corporate counterparts year after year. Thanks CPN for making me look so good.



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