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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dave Giberson (Corporate Accounts)

I work for a major communications company and for the most part work primarily out of my home office. I do however have a significant network at home managed by Central Point Networks. CPN has been instrumental making this possible. Having to comply with corporate IT specifications and still having the ability to manage my personal/corporate network has been no small task. CPN has been there 24-7 for me and the corporation I work for. Whether it’s adding a printer, repairing a software glitch, reloading software or just answering a question, CPN has always come through without touching my network. Not once have I had to tote a PC into CPN. If it weren’t for CPN I would be forced to drive 50 miles each day to and from my corporate facility costing me 2 additional hours. CPN plays no small part in my ability to perform at levels that far surpass my corporate counterparts year after year. Thanks CPN for making me look so good…

Joe Sosa ( Vice Chair/Executive Director at LGBTQ Wellness Foundation , Fresno, CA )

Having CPN as my personal IT is great! Knowing my computer is up to date and managed by their Anti-Virus & Spyware gives me comfort and knowing I have 24×7 in home monitoring and service alerts. And best of all I never have to take my PC in they can remotely fix any issues I have. On top of that they have great customer service and promptly respond to urgent issues that need assistance. Thanks CPN for your great service…

Paul Holleran (Gold By The Inch)

The peace of mind knowing that Central Point Networks is watching our back is worth their fee many fold. I can’t count how many times they’ve bailed me out with quick and accurate responses that would have taken me hours, if not days, to research and implement…

Kim Walls

Central Point Networks is not only the company I trust, but also the company that I have come to depend on. With Central Point Networks, I can spend time focusing on my business – not my network. &nbsp…

Jim Reeves (Visalia, CA)

Central Point Network’s knowledge and skills outshine anyone I’ve seen in the field. Their ability to diagnose and repair computer problems is unmatched. Design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring are all things every business or home networked system needs. CPN are the people you should have taking care of your computers. I know just enough about computers to recognize when an IT guy is blowing smoke, and has no clue what is going on with a system. CPN will come in, clear the smoke, and have that system up and running like a champ in record time. I trust my home computer network to them, and would not hesitate to have them maintain a business network of any size. With CPN as your computer network wizard, you’ll be King Arthur in Camelot, running your kingdom, not worrying about the barbarians at the gates…

Shelice Lennon

After a bad experience with a local computer company, I joined with CPN and gave up all control to them. It feels good to be able to trust CPN to take care of all my computer needs. My recent needs were met way earlier then time expected with special care and personal service. Thank you for your service CPN…

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