Business network: Secure. Home network: ?

     You’ve made the smart choice for your business network and secured it from failures, outside intrusions, and attacks, by contracting for managed IT services from Central Point Networks. Now, don’t forget your home network.
    Here are some steps to protect your home system from those trying to access your computer, and to prevent freeloaders from sneaking onto your wifi.
    First, change the default username and password to your router. Don’t use a name that easily identifies you, and create a strong password that others are unlikely to guess. “Password” (still used more than you might think) is not on your list of potential selections. Neither is “12345789”. Pick something complex, with special characters and a mixture of upper and lower case letters.
    Turn off the “broadcast” feature on the SSID. General users won’t see your router, and only someone who knows it’s name can log on. Change the setting to “off”, and select a unusual name, such as “HoM3Sw33Th0m3”. If they can’t see it, and don’t know it’s name, they can’t log on and rummage around your devices, or use the bandwidth for which you are paying.
    Encryption is an important tool to protect your home network from unathorized users. Older encryption protocols are no longer safe, so choose something from the WPA2 series or newer. Choose another complex password for the encryption, for example “BaDGuYsg02Ja1L”. Mix it up, and keep the wifi thieves out.
    Make sure all of your devices connected by wifi are password protected. Beyond just laptops and smartphones, today’s modern homes can contain cameras, baby monitors, thermostats, televisions, and even refrigerators that connect to the Internet. Be sure they don’t provide a open path into your system.
    Unless you use it frequently, turn off “remote administration”.
    Keep your devices updated with the latest patches and software fixes, including anti-virus and anti-malware programs.
    Central Point Networks can help you secure your network no matter how many devices are connected. Call us today for all of your network needs. We’re here to help!



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